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Garnier Color Naturals 5 Light Brown

Garnier Color Naturals 5 Light Brown

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1. Hair Color Range: Garnier Color Naturals offers a wide range of hair color shades to suit various preferences and needs. These shades typically cover natural hair colors like black, brown, blonde, and red, as well as some fashion shades.

2. Permanent Hair Color: Most products in the Color Naturals line are permanent hair colors, which means they provide long-lasting results that don't wash out after a few shampoos. They are intended to cover gray hair and provide vibrant color.

3. Nourishing Formula: Garnier often includes ingredients in their Color Naturals formula to nourish and care for your hair during the coloring process. These may include natural oils like olive oil or avocado oil, which can help maintain hair health and shine.

4. Ease of Application: Garnier Color Naturals is designed for easy application at home. The kit typically includes a colorant cream, a developer cream, gloves, and an instruction leaflet. The instructions guide you through the process, making it accessible for those who are not professional hair colorists.

5. Gray Coverage: Many Color Naturals shades are formulated to effectively cover gray hair, providing a natural-looking result.

6. Fade-Resistant: Garnier claims that their hair color is fade-resistant, meaning the color should remain vibrant and true for an extended period without excessive fading.

7. Ammonia-Free Options: Garnier offers ammonia-free options within the Color Naturals line for individuals who prefer a less harsh formula.

8. Subtle or Bold Results: Depending on the shade you choose and your natural hair color, Garnier Color Naturals can provide subtle color enhancements or bold, noticeable changes.

9. Color Range Extensions: Garnier periodically introduces new shades and color variations to keep up with current trends and customer preferences.
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