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Loreal Majirel High Lift Hair Color 50ml - Ash

Loreal Majirel High Lift Hair Color 50ml - Ash

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    1. An ultimate blonde, a sublime touch.

    1. Clear results up to 4 ½ tones without prior discolouration.

    1. Ultra neutralization thanks to Neutra B. Hair reinforced thanks to the care action Ionene G + Incell on the 3 zones of the hair.

    1. Perfect unison from root to tip.

Preparation and application:

Majiblond ultra cream from L'Oréal is used in a mixture of 1 tube 50ml with 100ml of cream oxidant 30 volumes or 40 volumes.

Application :

    1. L'Oréal Majiblond with a brush on unwashed dry hair.

    1. Start the application on the roots.

Time of installation :

50 minutes. 4. 5 minutes before the end of the exposure

Time, Lengthen the lengths and tips and knead :

    1. After the laying time, emulsify very carefully, thoroughly rinse the hair.

    1. Use a post color optimizer shampoo.

    1. Do a skin allergy test 48h before application.

    1. Follow the instructions carefully.

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