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Neutrogena Foot Scrub 75ml

Neutrogena Foot Scrub 75ml

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Neutrogena Foot Scrub 75ml

We all like to wear beautiful, hydrated and perfect feet, but in many cases, the hardness and cracks shave our feet, while at the same time causing us discomfort and pain. There are ways to avoid hardness such as regularly exfoliating the skin to prevent its formation.

Get your feet soft and hydrated with Neutrogena® foot scrub. This treatment is very effective in destroying rough, thick skin and leaving feet feeling pleasantly moisturized and refreshed. Allows deep exfoliation to prevent foot hardness.

Its formula contains the following properties:

  • Composition based on micro-capsules and urea to reduce hardness, leaving feet softer;

  • Concentrated active ingredients for instant soothing and moisturizing of the feet;

  • Menthol to refresh and soothe tired and tired feet;

He's got soft, moisturized, hard-free feet!
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